Corporate Gifts For The Senior Levels – What To Buy?

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The hunt for corporate gifts for your senior executives is not easy. This holiday season has a lot of meet and greet schedules and it will be wise on your part to choose the best for those seniors in your office who run the whole show so flawlessly.

Here are a few cheap corporate gifts that you may surprise them with!

Keyed Laptop Lock

When you take into account, the physical security for laptops, it is none these days. Get your seniors a good branded keyed laptop lock, so that they can keep your company’s asset safe and secure. Also, this is one of the kind and a unique gift that you could gift your seniors Think about it.

Let Them Surf On-The-Go

Consider buying a small Wi-Fi router, so that your senior executives can keep them handy while they travel or when they are out on a tour. They could also put it to use at areas in your office where there’s a challenging network issues. Guess what – you’ll always have them within your reach and you could use them during emergencies.

Power Them With Power Banks

You could give it a thought to buy a good branded power bank for your seniors. What’s better than juicing up a dead battery while there’s an emergency call to be made? Look for some online seller who sells a branded power bank at profitable discounts. Go for it and you won’t repent buying it!

Give Them Company With A Desk Pal

Desk pals are the best corporate gifts for the senior levels, by far. Look for a holder that can be of multipurpose of holding pens, stacking visiting cards, storing keys and so on. These could be catchy and attractive on their desks and will also prove to be multi-utility. Another idea is to have your name labelled on the front part of the desk pal, or you could even consider having the senior’s initials inscribed on it for that personal touch!

Old Wine

After so much of hard work and team management, doesn’t your senior need that proper break? What’s better than a good quality wine to make up for all the personal time they sacrificed for office? Get them lucky with a bottle of wine, wrapped and packed beautifully! It is the best way to unwind; especially for those who spend a lot of time deciding things.

Executive Briefcases

When you think of a senior walking into the office or walking out, you always imagine them with a proper and classy leather briefcase, don’t you? It is of course one of the best things to make their day. Go in for the classy patterned executive briefcases than choosing the plain ones that look very common and cheap. Preferring branded ones is a better choice when it comes to corporate gifts for the senior levels.

Power Elegance Leather Goods

You could go in for a branded and expensive leather wallet or even a customized diary that’s leather bound to gift your seniors. It’ll look classy in their hands and they are bound to feel special.

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