Increase Brand Exposure with Photo Booth

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Photo booths are a hit since their journey from the west to the east has been remarkable. They are used for a variety of occasion’s right from weddings to product launches. The fundamental nature of taking photographs is to capture exemplary moments that remain fresh with time. Photo booths are also used to boost many brands and support numerous causes.
In today’s technology friendly world, social media plays a vital role in every event. Gaining popularity across the globe is easier if the brand is in the right groups. Increasing your brand’s exposure is likely to happen quicker than before if you opt for options like photo booths with the brand’s logo printed in the photo strip given to the participants. The message is clear and the photos will remain a memory on the work desk or the refrigerator at home.
There are many exhibits which grab eyeballs on the social media which gains support and donations due to photography. If you are interested in promoting your brand, below mentioned ideas can prolong its visibility.

1. Advertisement Friendly Photo Booth:

Arranging a cheap photobooth at your event by displaying the co-sponsors is common and advertisement-friendly and is suited for sporting events. In this case, every sponsor is covered and the photo strips can highlight only the actual sports. Signature cards are famous in sporting events. This can bring a lot of shares and high visibility in social media.

2. Red Carpet Photo Booth:

Red carpet events are star-studded affairs where photo booths are arranged to capture the enthusiasm of the place. Red carpets have become the trendy welcome in Weddings and at corporate events. This is used in product launches, honoring events and anniversary celebrations! With support from social media many events gain attention which reaches masses across the globe. Tagging on the digital copy across social media platforms helps select the ideal copy to frame. Remember to place your logo and hash-tags in the photo strip.

3. Fun-filled Brand Experiences with Click and Share:

An event that’s knowledgeable and inculcates the habit of learning with fun reaches masses much quicker. A photo booth with a sleek design and a theme filled with fun can reach out to participants; involve them in snapping and sharing all day. Click and share is the new fun and this works very well for many product launches in the gadget industry.

4. Snap Your Way To Glory At Your Pre Wedding Party:

A hen party is as much fun for the woman as the bachelor’s party for the man! These photographs capture every moment to seal them in frames to watch for ages. In order to promote the photographer’s brand and the essence of these parties, photo strips with the photographer’s logo can make a big difference to his/her career.
Promoting the products with tag-lines, hash tags, logos and phone number in the photo strips can reach the customers and participants and remind them of the fun. This can bring about purchase as well as re-purchase!